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I agree 100% with asher and if it were a violent crime like kidnapping or murder, then I may feel differently but that bank was insured and they could have done some old fashioned police work to find the guy. Besides, how "reliable" was the tip if they didn't even know the race or gender??
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I only liked it in 2005 when I started college and in 2006 when you still HAD TO HAVE A COLLEGE EMAIL TO SIGN UP...I stopped using it when they let people sign up with no network
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Not adorable. Why don't you check some of the comments on the other sites this video is posted and see how many people are calling it shameless animal abuse?
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Reminds me of the reporter who was in a canoe after a heavy rain acting like the hole town was completely flooded then in the middle of his broadcast, someone walks by in galoshes and you can tell the water is like 2 inches deep. Anyone see that?
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I love how it's $300 cash because they know the addicts are just going to immediately spend it on crack or black tar heroin.

If they are willing to make that decision when they are high, then they should have to deal with the consequences down the road. Just like if you were to kill someone while drinking and driving.
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