TV Reporter Caught Faking A Storm

A good reporter waits to capture that perfect news moment on film. A GREAT reporter, makes news happen!

This is what happened when a Romanian news reporter turned up a bit too late to capture a storm live on TV:

The bungling reporter has become a national laughing stock in Romania after convincing an assistant to stand just outside the camera shot and kick sand towards his direction.

He was caught out however when a cheeky, or shockingly bad, cameraman let those watching at home in on the secret.
The reporter, from the Realitatea news channel, was attempting to recreate the earlier stormy conditions for his live weather report from the country's Black Sea coast.

Metro has the story: Link - via Gawker

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Reminds me of the reporter who was in a canoe after a heavy rain acting like the hole town was completely flooded then in the middle of his broadcast, someone walks by in galoshes and you can tell the water is like 2 inches deep. Anyone see that?
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Actually, this one is far from cut-and-dry. The reporter says that his colleague Florin is showing how hard the wind is blowing. If Florin is the cameraman, then this story is legit, but if Florin is the production assistant kicking sand, the reporter was actually pointing out the guy kicking sand.

How do I know this? Well, two years in Peace Corps and near fluent Romanian finally pays off for me... in a Neatorama post. sigh
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Actually, this is a huge screw up by the reporter as he is saying "look how the sand is being thrown up by the wind. You can see how strong the wind is!". How do I know this? Well I'm Romanian.
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