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help control the people population- have the stupid people spayed or neutered. I am not saying drug addicts are all stupid people- but wouldn't it be great to stop all the stupid people from breeding? all i'm seeing these days... maybe they should expand their program.
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my horse was so offended when he read this. these racist jokes are terrible. how dare you try and make such an informative article funny. how do you people sleep at night? on a bed made of puppy skins? for shame...
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thank you, SpifLocated- with overpopulation of the planet, in general, there should be a tax incentive not to have kids, but then only all the sheep people would keep breeding and we'd become a society not unlike
'idiocracy'... quite the catch 22... does it not seem like only stupid people are breeding?
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I did see the episode of This American Life with that Brahma Bull that they cloned and turned out with a more violent disposition. But, even after seeing this, i know that if i was filthy rich,and $50k wasn't no thang, i would clone my little Manx cat, Bunny, that i just lost. it was a very recent loss, and i know it won't be her same awesome personality, but i would take that chance just to feel like she's still with us... it's probably just the grief talking though- $50k? ask me in a month if i would put $50k into a "replica" of my lost pet and i'd probably say no. i'm betting this decision to clone was more of an impulse decision immediately following her dog's death. i remember thinking the day it happened that i would do anything to have my kitty back. she was the sunshine of my life...
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Yes, Eddie- your articles are always neato. i love having my morning coffee whilst reading one of them. also, girls with glasses are very sexy.
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