These Critters Sure Love Their Popsicle

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Does anyone know if honey dew is ok for kitties and puppies? I certainly hope so because they are pretty darn into this frozen snack.

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FYI, the ASPCA has a list of human foods that can be dangerous for dogs and cats to eat. it's on their website.

when i was young, we had a cat that LOVED peas (and popcorn)! my mom always bought those generic canned peas (the ones that aren't so much green as they are...grey-brown?) while i like peas, i think canned ones are horrible, and so i'd find any excuse i could not to eat them. well, when i discovered that our cat actually liked them, i usually would eat just slowly enough so that my mom finished first. then, when she got up to put her plate in the sink and start doing dishes, i'd quickly scoop my little pile of peas onto the floor, which our cat would promptly scarf down!

that cat also loved popcorn, so after we'd made some (on the stove: this was right before the microwavable stuff got popular), we'd set aside a little pile for the cat that we wouldn't put salt or butter on. we'd spend movie night randomly tossing popcorn pieces to the cat whenever there was a boring part in the movie.

i always thought it was adorable when cats ate people food. they're finicky as hell with their OWN food, but they'll end up enjoying the strangest "people food"!
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Cats can't taste sugar/sweet, so it does not mean anything to them.

They can eat ice-cream, cake, popsicle etc but its not really good for their eyes. Also, this kind of sweet stuff has so many chemicals inside which can be dangerous for their health, because they are not designed to eat such things and may not have the defense in their body for such chemicals. It may not show in the next day of course but it will probably effect pets lifespan in long term.
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1. There's a whole genre of videos depicting cats eating some sort of melon (cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew).

2. Many cats seem to really like them and from what I've read melons aren't harmful to cats.

3. The melon popsicle in in the video looks homemade; notice the plastic holder instead of wood. It's likely that the person just blended and froze honeydew without adding any sugar or other sweetener (or even other chemicals?) to the mix.

4. BTW, almost everything we encounter is some sort of chemical. We eat, breathe and cover ourselves with chemicals, natural and synthetic, every day of our lives. We'd DIE without chemicals! Something being a "chemical" doesn't automatically mean that it's evil, dangerous, or deadly. It depends on the chemical and the dose. WATER is a chemical. While generally safe, it can be DEADLY if consumed in large doses.

5. Yes, I just wasted a few minutes of my life responding to this.
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