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i feel bad for guys on valentine's day. some of the ladies really make them jump through the hoop o' fire. ladies, if you love your guy - give him the gift of not having to figure out what in the hell it is you want from him on Valentine's Day.
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above and beyond, is what i'd call it, adam. you just don't expect that kind of care and concern from scientists these days. it's always science, science, science. where's the care, the concern, the compassion? hats off to these fine ladies and/or gentleman of science for their fine display of compassion to this intricately built "city-state" of nature. it's good to know that all those (possibly millions of) ant-hours of work were not lost. heck, they're probably even happier in their new state-of-the-art colony of wax and plaster. not to mention the fine vacation they got, complete with all-you-can-eat watermelon, honey and chocolate syrup! hooray for science!
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thank you for posting this. sad, fascinating and unbelievable. those poor kids and yet many of them are still smiling. they were certainly made out of different stuff back then.
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oh, the Food Dehydrators are freakin' GREAT! it really is super easy to make jerky. i tried drying some apples and they came out good - but took a long time. jerky only takes about 8 hours. easy recipe. first, get some meat - i get London Broil when it's cheap. if you can, have the butcher cut it about 1/8" thick. then, you'll need:

soy sauce
liquid smoke - i think it's in the spice aisle and it's only a couple bucks -but you gotta have that smoky flavor.
and pepper.

soak the meat overnight in a big pan with enough water to cover the meat, about a cup of soy sauce per pound of meat and about 2 TBSP of the liquid smoke. then, just lay the meat in the trays and shake some pepper on it. if you start in the morning - you'll be eatin' jerky for dinner! if you want the teryaki style - sorry, i don't do that.

in conclusion - buy a Food Dehydrator...NOW. i just buy whatever kind they have at Walmart for about $30. it's soooooo worth it.
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i'm not pro-war at all. i am pro-soldier and even more importantly, i am pro-family. there is joy in seeing two little girls reuniting with their daddy. would you like to step in between them and explain all the harsh realities of life right now, until there is no happiness left anywhere, for anyone. arguements can be made against almost any piece of joy we find. ***oh, what have we here, why it's a wonderful reconciliation between two long-lost lovers - but wait, is one of them wearing a leather jacket?? and the a pair of shoes made in a sweatshop via child slavery?!?!*** jeez, just let a cigar be a cigar. it doesn't have to become a big old political debate.
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well said 'Mrs', well said...and thank you to your husband - and all the other men and women - for doing what they do. there is a price for everything. i know that the vast majority of iraqi's are good people. just as we are. who in their right mind doesn't wish for no war? but don't condemn our soldiers for it. a father returning to his children is beautiful in any culture or country.
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i would find this clip just as joyful if it were an iraqi father and his children. our soldiers didn't just up and go to a foreign country for their own purposes. war sucks. this is beautiful.
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this is heart breaking. can something be done for these bears? i mean, is there someplace we can send money or even more hats to help out? perhaps we could get a volunteer to sort the donated hats according to size so that the hat can be matched to the size of the bear. come on, it's 2007 people! this is totally preventable!

give, won't you?
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yeah, i wonder that too Fezdango. i hate to see any animal exploited - but, for me, it's even worse when they do it to the more intelligent animals because i think that they have the ability to realize/recognize their situation. elephants have been so horribly exploited and yet they have the strength to just turn around and kill you. surprisingly, they generally don't. but when they do, it's hard to have much sympathy for the people who have held them captive.
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