Soldier Surprises Daughters

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Mariah Wilder only wanted one thing for Christmas -for her Daddy to come home from Iraq. Sgt. Matthew Wilder found he would be able to come home to Kentucky for the holidays while going to aviation school. His wife arranged for an assembly at his daughters’ school, where Mariah and her sister were presented with a large box. Link -via Video Sift

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I have very opinionated views on war and violence but this isn't the time to express that. The video should be enjoyed for its simplicity and humanity. Sometimes you should just take things at face value or you'll give yourself an ulcer.
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I don't cry easily and this made me shed a few tears when I saw how much that little girl missed her daddy. So sad that soliders have to be away from their families. I know so many personally that have sad lives/marriages over so much time spent in Iraq. My bros. best friend contracted TB over there and his marriage is pretty much destoyed by him being gone so much. They're doing what they can to survive. Anyone know when the war will be over :(
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i'm not pro-war at all. i am pro-soldier and even more importantly, i am pro-family. there is joy in seeing two little girls reuniting with their daddy. would you like to step in between them and explain all the harsh realities of life right now, until there is no happiness left anywhere, for anyone. arguements can be made against almost any piece of joy we find. ***oh, what have we here, why it's a wonderful reconciliation between two long-lost lovers - but wait, is one of them wearing a leather jacket?? and the a pair of shoes made in a sweatshop via child slavery?!?!*** jeez, just let a cigar be a cigar. it doesn't have to become a big old political debate.
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Bread and Circuses for the little people! Love the idea that our brave soldiers are re-building Iraq and getting it back on its feet. Now if you can tell me who caused all the damage in the first place I might actually not gag at your self justifications.
All these pro-war people will be signing another tune once the pres is a Dem. Then it will all be- well, reality will come calling, lets leave it at that.
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