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I had an engineering professor who described these as an example of how we reveal increasingly complex and potentially harmful phenomena as we apply materials science without discretion.

Then he went on to explain how he used to run away from his mother when they went shopping-- he would sprint to the shoe store that had an X-Ray shoe fitter machine and stare into it for what seemed like hours, just flicking his toes around inside his shoes and giggling.
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Interesting that "acronym" is now commonly used to mean "abbreviation," which is what most of these are. An actual acronym is an abbreviation which forms a word, like NASA, FAQ, or HIPPA.
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Ha! The original is displayed in a hallway at the Letterman Digital Arts Center in San Francisco, home of Lucasfilm, LucasArts, and ILM. It's creepy alright!
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Filmmakers are storytellers, and space and time are not linear in stories. Everything is carefully placed and lit for the composition of the image, but we don't see the world as a rectangular image-- it's a roaming, sweeping gaze, and the filmmaker's job is to lead our gaze around the frame and put a story together. We buy into the continuity because the filmmaker crafted the images that way, but the reality is that set pieces are wild and everything is carefully composed from footage shot at different times in different places, sometimes at different scales. The problems above are just storytelling techniques, devices as artificial as the screen you're watching them on. I'd like to add: (10) outrunning explosions (shock waves), (11) cars flipping when they wreck, (12) people flying up when they slip and fall, (13) bright night time lighting.
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Those are recent parts-- definitely fake. In 1961, Lego models were primitive, made from fewer, simpler parts:
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