BMI in Prespective

This Flickr set is an art project to show you what the classifications underweight, normal, overweight, obese, and morbidly obese look like on real people. Can you guess how these three people are classified? Link -via Metafilter

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Oy. Jason E., you need to relax. I'm six feet tall and weigh 210. Here's my profile on Model Mayhem:

I come from Germans and Danes with heavy, dense bones and big muscles. When I'm working out a lot I tend to gain weight; when I'm less fit I actually weigh less.

Women lie about their weight all the time, and I find over and over again that men have no concept of what women really weigh.

Oh, and for the record, the BMI is bullshit and puts me about 1.5 points shy of obese.
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spook actually had a measured waist of 14 at one point but chose not to have guiness get involved because she didn't maintain it constantly. Technically, she was smaller waisted than Jung.
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Miss Cellania: I can conceed that point. Maybe I'm wrong... I just thought the numbers seemed a bit steep. However, if she's very muscular, large breasted, and has a developed posterior she may very well weight just under 200lbs.
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"Jason E, its different for a woman. At the same height, a woman will normally carry quite a few more pounds just in boobs and butt than a man, without looking any fatter."

Yes, but at the same time, she will also have less muscle mass (on average), thus in the end with the same weight as a man of her size her tissue will (again, on average) have a higher fat percentage.
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Sorry Cellania, I didn't look it up - I actually meant to write "obese" at first, but looking it up would have been too much work for me and "overweight" really means "weight above normal", by whatever amount, unless we're talking BMI categories. Which I should have been, sorry.

As a matter of fact, she's about twice as large as a regular person of her size, her girth is (even with the corset) larger than her chest should be; so "morbidly obese" quite fits her I'd say.

The thing is that the BMI might be off by a bit for people who do a lot of sport, but what "overweight" and "obese" stands for is "increased risk of weight-related illnesses", which is a statistical fact (and yes I know you can skew statistics, but skewing might range from putting her between "obese" and "incredibly morbidly obese", certainly not "normal"), and the exact amounts of overweight the different names stand for is a matter of definition only.
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