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I thought I might be homopolarphobic, but I watched the entire movie without flinching once - in fact I enjoyed it.

//but now after admitting it, I feel kind of dirty.
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Your Score: 92% Your level: DRUNKARD

Pretty good for someone who only drinks good scotch, and occasionally good vodka, and sometimes a whiskey sour, and apple martinis are pretty good --- OMG I am a drunk!
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I worked on a similar project for my post-doc work.

Unfortunately after going thru all my funding, I could only get humans to regrow their appendix or tonsils.

Needless to say, the Nobel slipped thru my fingers once again.
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"VX will cause muscle twitching, drooling, excessive sweating, and involuntary defecation, among other unpleasantries"

So it's like RAP music in liquid form?
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"good tenants" - huh?

They're wrecking the house bit by bit. Great logic there - ignore the problem, maybe the bees will leave all by themselves and hire carpenter ants to fix the damage they caused - yeah, that's what will happen.
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Our house rats (two sisters) love water, they've learned to turn the kitchen sink faucet on all by themselves - now if they'd just learn to turn it off when they're finished.
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Fluff over content never worked for me.

More and more, job listings clearly state the resume must be machine scannable.

Don't follow the rules - don't be surprised when your resume gets tossed in the bin.
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That Tommy kid had a very limited imagination.

In my imaginary world, the nurses and female student doctors at MY hospital (St. SuperSkippy) all have much more interesting lives (and for some reason, they also seem to be ninjas and occasionally moonlight as ski instructors).
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