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In the final episode of the 80s TV show St. Elsewhere, it was revealed that the entire series had taken place in the imagination of an autistic child. So therefore, the other 12 series that crossed over into the St. Elsewhere universe were also born in Tommy Westphall’s mind. And so were their crossovers and spinoffs. Here's a huge graphic that shows how all those series (282 of them) were related. -via Kottke

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That Tommy kid had a very limited imagination.

In my imaginary world, the nurses and female student doctors at MY hospital (St. SuperSkippy) all have much more interesting lives (and for some reason, they also seem to be ninjas and occasionally moonlight as ski instructors).
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"Yes, the idea it’s all in his head doesn’t really add up - but it is television, after all :-)”

Well that just confirms that the fun isn't really there. Maybe you could suggest they make an actual 'it adds up' chart? That I'd be interested in.
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So, I've exchanged a few emails with the creater of the site (nice guy), and he had this to say:

"There are lots of TV universes, though. This is the most extensive, by far. And the fun of it - to begin with - was to see what could link to St Elsewhere. Thus Tommy Westphall has the honour of being the name of the universe... Yes, the idea it's all in his head doesn't really add up - but it is television, after all :-)"
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Hmmm... a solipsistic universe, based on little Tommy. Interesting. At least it's a good reason why network TV shows nothing except Law & Order and CSI spinoffs every night.

How about the 555 connection (all American TV shows and movies use it in a phone number) or the fact that almost all American TV characters watch channel 8 - especially for the news?
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