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When stuff like this gets posted to Neatorama, I clap the one who posted it and I groan and get amused by the comments.

It's painful and amusing to see so many people reject something they dislike or do not understand.

My opinion stays the same: It's wonderful that they can have a child. He will still be born into a "straight" family. He will have both a daddy and a mommy; the only thing different is that daddy was the one to carry the fetus. It's not so odd, in the animal kingdom, a lot of daddies are the one to care for their newborn children, which switches the gender roles so many humans are conditioned to think is right.
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Look at me guys, I think (x) is lame/stupid/etc. because I don't understand or accept (it).

Seriously though, she's pretty. Sad that happened to her though (yes, her), but Thailand is pretty close; that could be another option.
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That was fun... I got 9/10, I couldn't find the other one.

*spoiler below*

On the rooftop one, I clicked the very top tip of the tower and it looked like a gnome fell out. Is that the one I find hiding in the dark?

Also, there's a click sequence that leads me to a scene with this seagull/bird in it... is there suppose to be a gnome there? I didn't find any.
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I'm quite young, but I still remember the static and the test patterns... of course, it wasn't here in the US (in Philippines).

I never saw any sign offs like this... this is pretty neat.
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Ah, I see now. I got a little confused; I was looking all over the store for some kind of "comment on this" link. Didn't realize I needed to comment on the blog, not the product. :)
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Aww... isn't that the cutest thing... I'd imagine a heavy weight was lifted off their shoulders once they saw each other again after so long.
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