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I discovered pide in London at a place called Tas Pide. I had eaten at another Tas location in Bloomsbury and loved it, and after visiting Shakespeare's Globe on the south bank of the Thames, noticed a related restaurant called Tas Pide. The main difference between the two is that the one near Shakespeare's Globe serves pide. They're glorious. It was by far my favorite meal of my two-week excursion. Since returning stateside, I've found pide at one place, but it wasn't anything like the stuff I had in London ... and I imagine the stuff I had in London probably pales in comparison to what you can get in Istanbul.
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So, let me guess ... the human turned one turtle upside-down just to see what the other turtle would do about it, then posted it all as a supposedly heart-warming YouTube video.

I mean, don't get me wrong ... it's very cool that turtle #2 stepped up to help turtle #1 ... but why didn't the human take care of it? Even if he/she didn't turn the first turtle upside-down, the turtle's suffering could have ended a lot sooner with some human intervention. But no, the first instinct was to get it all on video. Nice.
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"Cancelled twice, Family Guy survived both times, and is now rightly acknowledged as one of (if not 'the') funniest cartoon shows in the history of television."

Yeah. Not real objective there. (OK, it's Neatorama. But still.)

I've seen "Family Guy." It sucks. It's the worst kind of puerile, lowest-hanging-fruit humor. No intelligence to it at all. And that pattern seems to hold for the rest of MacFarlane's work. His sense of humor apparently stopped developing around the fifth grade.
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Interesting timing for this piece. Over the weekend, I watched "Joint Security Area," a Korean film that takes place in the Panmunjom Joint Security Area. Great film -- but watch it with the original Korean audio track and English subtitles ... the English dubbing (which I typically avoid anyway) is particularly awful on this DVD.
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What most people don't know about Leonard is that the actor who plays him, Richard Erdman, isn't just some old guy they grabbed off the street. He has appeared in over 50 movies since 1944, and is a television veteran with principal, recurring, and guest roles in numerous series since the 1950s. He has also voiced many animated characters.

Look him up — he has an impressive resume.
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When I was a kid (many years before the movie) I used to amuse myself with the thought that the whole world was an elaborately staged prank on me, and that everyone, including my family, was in on it. I even had theories on how they'd pulled off the few airplane trips I'd been on. For me it was merely an interesting mental diversion -- something to ponder occasionally when I was bored, but not anything to take seriously. Having had such thoughts as a kid, however, I understand how someone with a similar fantasy might cross the line into full-blown delusion.

That said, this dude needs to check his local listings. He won't find that show on any channel, HBO or otherwise.
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Actually, TimTHall, you're merely regurgitating the same tired response many others have offered, just in a more condescending fashion. But you're still wrong, as it pertains to this particular subject.

To be more specific: regarding vocabulary, and to some extent usage, you're more or less right about common practice pushing change. This, however, is a typographical standard, and it's considerably more stringent (and universally observed, and less subject to change) than what you're referring to, which is a somewhat different arena. You will never see two spaces used anywhere where typographers have a say, and inasmuch as there is a trend, it is toward the use of one space, not two. There will be, for many years into the future, a contingent of holdouts who insist on using two spaces, but their time on this earth is limited, as they age and die off and are replaced by children of the computer age who never knew that two spaces was once taught as correct.
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I see many lame justifications here for clinging to two spaces. All of them are wrong.

My favorite: "I’ve had plenty of people tell me I’m doing it wrong, but they can’t cite any legitimate source for the rule."

So, EVERY DAMN TYPOGRAPHER ON THE PLANET aren't a "legitimate" source? How about the Chicago Manual of Style? The AP Manual? The MLA?

Another favorite: "Oh and wouldn’t it be copywriters that would decide what is and isn’t correct for 'copy' rather than typesetters or does the typesetter job cover more areas than I think?"

It covers more than you think. Copy writers and copy editors follow rules set by others. Punctuation and spacing are typographical rules, and those rules are set by typographers.

Sorry, two spaces after a period is wrong, categorically, end of story. This is not a matter of opinion, nor is it a convention that will "evolve" as a result of common usage. It is a long-settled law of typography, and the de facto death of monotype only cements its rectitude.

My typing teacher (circa 1984) had it wrong (we used monotype IBM Selectrics, so it wasn't really her fault), and once I realized that I had been taught incorrectly it took me about a day and a half to switch to using one space. It's not difficult to do.
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Stealing first base? So many questions. Starting with: What kind of lead do you take if you're stealing the previous base? Was he cheating off second *toward* first?

Oh, and the big question: Why? Did he drop his can of chew when he was on first base the first time?
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