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There is a book called "The Beautiful Cigar Girl" that explores the Mary Rogers murder, the failure of the police in investigating the crime, and then Poe's attempt to "solve" the murder by fictionalizing it some years later. If I remember correctly, he either does not come to a satisfactory conclusion in the story or the one he creates could not be equated with the reality. I highly recommend the book (by Dan Stashower).
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Seeing as we are rapidly approaching the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, I am surprised and disappointed by its omission from this list.
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Yay! Good luck! I got a late start with elections and whatnot and pounded out my first 3,000 words last night. Already I hate my main character :)

Keep those fingers flying!
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THANK YOU! This is the first time someone has laid out financial mumbo-jumbo in a way that makes an iota of sense to me! I think I kind of maybe sort of understand what is happening now (maybe).

Great article!
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I did NaNo for the first time this year and I'm happy to say I won. I started with NO IDEA what my book would be about - it came into being as I went. The word count seemed daunting at times, especially on the days where my fingers just refused to produce anything moderately useful, but then other days the words would just flow and the benchmarks started flying past. Once I hit 10,000 I thought to myself, "Yes, I can really do this." Of course, my plot wrapped itself up quite nicely at around the 48,000 mark, leaving me to write 2,000 words about my cats.
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Oh man - my feelings are hurt by the omission of the Verrazano! Purposfully built to be longer than the Golden Gate (making it the longest suspension bridge in the world at that time), it offers some incredible views and looks just lovely against the night sky. And also, there's the Bayonne Bridge - voted "Most Beautiful Structure of Steel" in 1931. It was built to be a whopping two feet longer than the Sydney Arch Bridge, making it the longest steel arch bridge in the world.
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May I recommend a visit to Staten Island, home to the Farm Colony, Seaview Hospital, the notorious Willowbrook State School and the former Staten Island Hospital/Smith Infirmary? Lot's of creepiness, ghost stories and unsavory history in these locales.
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"...and those homeowners who correctly applied duct tape to their windows are reporting little to no damage in the wake of this latest terrorist attack."
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