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I saw this a few months ago and was intrigued enough to see if it was in my area. It listed that it wasn't but some commenters mentioned that Meijer sold it. I went there and they had it.

Batter Blaster really does make good pancakes.

Now, if they could only make it without egg...
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the scene that SarahS talked about actually happened. My grandfather-in-law went to Harding School in Hessville with Jean Sheppard (the writer of A Christmas Story and others) and claimed to have witnessed the deed.
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I grew up in the 70s when everyone made everything themselves (or at least everyone I knew did). Our family (Mom, Dad, me, my brother, and uncle) would drive from NW Indiana in my dad's 30s pickup truck loaded with empty 5 gallon buckets and would drive to Michigan to pick strawberries. We would pick nearly as much as we ate and would drive home sitting among overfilled buckets, still eating as much as we could. The next day was filled with jam making. All day long. When we were younger my brother and I were in charge of squishing the juice out of the berries. When we got older we were allowed to cut the stems off of them. The whole house was filled with the scent of strawberries. We regularly made 100+ jars of jam and rarely was that enough to last us the year.

While our friends were eating sugared cereals for breakfast, we were eating toast with jam. For snacks we had Ritz cracker and jam sandwiches. There was even a time when my brother and I experimented with a bologna and jam sandwich heated in my easy bake oven (it really was quite good). Looking back on it I am surprised neither of us turned into a strawberry.

Our garden netted us other canning opportunities. Stewed tomatoes, home made pickles, frozen corn, peppers were stuffed and frozen for future consumption. Sitting in the garden was one of my favorite times second only to creating something new with what we grew.

To the writers of the book, thank you. My son has LOVED the Dangerous Book for Boys (as have my husband and my father-in-law). It is something I share with all of the parents of boys that I know. All have gone and gotten their own copy once my son makes it known that they can't borrow his.

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My boss's dog survived a fire in their condo the same way. They thought he had died in teh fire until the next day when they found out that he was located in teh tub.
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Not only was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle soup the best soup she ever tasted, but the turtle skin coat could keep her warmer than if she had set her butt on fire.
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