Pointy Ears

New York plastic surgoen Dr. Lajos Nagy created a surgical procedure to make human ears pointed, like a mythological creature. From his website:
A newfangled extravagance is spreading amongst the music-lover youngsters of New York, which, after invading America, is sure to conquer the whole world. Ears becoming pointed as a result of plastic surgery not only enhance the attractiveness of the face, but also improve the experience of listening to music.

Dr. Nagy is planning to introduce the method in Hungary. Link -via the Presurfer

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If it's true he is a nut. I was born with pointy ears and I don't even want them, but they are the ears I came with and they are going to be the ones I leave with.
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i have this done. i live in scotland and its rare here. i met an american guy who was over and he gave me pixie ears. it was brutal. itchy and bled for days. i didnt get a wee white plaster to hold them together but they healed perfectly. and i love them and the second glances and whispers that come with them. check out lunacobra.net. mine are the ones tagged pixie, it is not a fake procedure. but im not sure id go as far as to say it improved my experience of listening to music. haha.
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I believe he took two sets of pictures with each person and had them change their clothes for the second. You would think, if he thought to chance the clothes, he would've thought to change the hair too, and put some makeup over the blemishes.

Anywho, while these pictures are fake, the procedure is real and has been done many times before.

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I'm actually thinking about this for multiple reasons one beimg i love history and mythology and so much mythology has pointy eared elfs and such, plus alot of things i like have elfish ears but is there anyway that i would be able to get them long like jak from jak and daxter or (only other one i can think of) arthur and the minimoys....or wow you know the rally long ones that are thinner than normal ears too.... even if this site is a hoax im sure theres a way to do it and make it look legitimatly good
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