I received this picture via email. The subject line was “Why trampolines are dangerous.” ~Thanks, Jan!

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Hello all. I think this is a cool picture. Obviously this is a bachelor group. late summer. Six bucks hanging out is normal. Yes 6. the one laying to far right is a nubin/button. As far a a buck not being able to get underneath, with as high as that trampoline is it would be no problem at all.NONE!!! actually the student from the university of Wisconsin years ago did a study on the survivability of whitetail bucks at the sandhill wildlife sanctuary. Having been closed to deer hunting for many years, they placed tracking collars on several nice bucks. After having special hunts by drawing the students then went in to find where the bucks were hiding. they found one laying in a marsh. When someone would approach the buck would lay his head back so that only his nose would protude above the water. another was found under the ground in a sharp cut in the river bank. This buck entered the stream and crawled up under the ground and was completely hidden. There were other examples but these two are the ones that I specifically remember. When given an opportunity to age to adulthood, whitetail bucks are extremely smart and crafty. As my brother says, " whitetails are horizontal animals in vertical environments and they can just disappear." With all this being said, it is possible that this photo is hoax, but it is highly probable that it is real. and as for your comments Rastus, please at least take the time to think about something, before showing those of us who actually have a clue, how little of one you have..
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