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Oh it is a gun all right... a PAINT gun. Shoots a whole can of paint each time you pull the trigger. Looks like it comes pre-loaded with a can of gray. So you too can say, "Okay honey! I'll paint that thing TODAY!"

This is not a drill (XXL)
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Maybe that's why Jackson was able to thumb his nose at THE SUPREME COURT. When they decided in favor of Native claims on land, Jackson forced the Natives on to the Trail of Tears anyway, hundreds of miles, on foot, as winter came on...
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Love the innovation in an ancient game. This is a great combination of old and new. I have a collection of chess sets and it reflects the same value. Let's have some more!
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Aaaactually, The W is probably clearing brush on his ranch in Texas, and he's probably wishing for a Republican Presidential frontrunner actually capable of going up against Obama!
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Thanks John! A very good site.
@twobit, it was not legal to teach slaves how to read.
Congress even had to change the US Constitution three times in five years just to expand voting rights - and that did not include women! Still they must have been highly motivated.
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