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This tool solves the Bad Pun Headline problem. It works like this: Go back in time, meet Anthony Weiner's moyel, get him drunk, switch this before the bris, problem solved!

Half the people you know are below average. XXL
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Mmmm... Long ago it was crucial to know right away if you could eat that creature nearing you or if you were a potential dinner. So judging ahead of time (prejudging-prejudice) is a survival skill. When that pre-judgment is based only on skin color, it is called racism. That is what's terrible.
I say we can embrace our natural tendancy towards prejudice, while rejecting racism and improve human relations all around. Trust your instincts and talk to someone new.
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(Since he looks off-color)
Robin: When we recovered the giant Oscar statues the Joker turned into robots to terrorize Hollywood, one began rubbing all his paint off with my cape and I put it on and the paint got in my hair ... and on my face ...

-your cell phone makes you twicw as annoying XXL
-thanks for the fun
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Yay Mr Awesome! You made a cool set of flame thrower gloves. You look awesome and I think you should give yourself a hand. Yay- oh! Oh no! Oh Holy- Great balls of- SOMEONE GET A FIRE EXTINGUISHER!
Seriously what the I don't careful dude.
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Yes! More chess. This and the twelve awesome chess sets posted earlier help show KIDS THESE DAYS some of the infinitude to be explored in chess. MORE please.
BTW there was a 'fake advertisement' for Quantum Chess in Games Magazine years ago.
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