Letter from an Ex-Slave to His Former Master: I'm Coming to Get You

Spotswood Rice had been born a slave. But by September of 1864, he was a free man and a soldier in the U.S. Army. His daughter was still enslaved in Missouri. Rice had work to do in the South, but he wanted his former mistress, Katherine Diggs, to know that he would return after the war to collect his daughter. So he sent Diggs a letter stating his intentions, and swearing vengeance if she harmed her:

I want you to understand kittey diggs that where ever you and I meets we are enmays to each orthere I offered once to pay you forty dollers for my own Child but I am glad now that you did not accept it Just hold on now as long as you can and the worse it will be for you you never in you life befor I came down hear did you give Children any thing not eny thing whatever not even a dollers worth of expencs now you call my children your pro[per]ty not so with me my Children is my own and I expect to get them and when I get ready to come after mary I will have bout a powrer and autherity to bring hear away and to exacute vengencens on them that holds my Child

There's serious doubt about the authenticity of Jourdan Anderson's similar letter. But Spotswood Rice's is real.

Link | Photo (unrelated) via Rocky Grove High School

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This letter looks and sounds more authentic than the last one, especially with spelling and lack of punctuation. I enjoyed the other letter, but something made me think that perhaps someone might have dictated or translated it for him. But I could be wrong, I have no experience in this field. It is a very interesting insight in to what went on back then.
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i'd imagine all of them were 'dictated or translated'. most common people couldn't read and write in that era, and slaveowners certainly weren't concerned with the education of their slaves.
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