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Most people in the states call them burgers, Marc. They're called patties in commercials, for some arcane reason. I have never thrown a patty on my grill, although many burgers have met their fate there.
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A restaurant near me has wall-mounted lamps that are held by hands coming out of the wall. Now THAT always creeped me out. All he needs now are the baby tiles.

I'll stop going there.
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What? You people don't have an 'International House of Burgers' in your town? You can do breakfast at IHOP, then lunch at IHOB.

What's for dinner?
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Why do the oil companies always come up smelling like roses?

They price-gouge us to death, in times of record profits, and still people defend them.
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That was funny.

Want to see something funnier? Lay a large mirror on the floor, then place a cat on it. The cat looks down at the mirror, sees itself, and freaks out!
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Super!!! Very nice presentation. The interplay between music and video was very well done. It saddened me at the end, however, when I thought of how we're messing up our fragile planet.
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It always amazed me how well designed these theaters were, as far as acoustics. In addition, some of them, like the roman Coloseum, actually had primitive elevators in them, to transport props and personel for the performances.
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