Ancient Theaters

ProTraveller looks at 17 theaters and auditoriums that survive from ancient times.
It's hard to believe that some of these theatres are close to 3,000 years old, and it's amazing that they're even still standing. The amount of engineering knowledge that our ancient ancestors had developed is just as mesmerising especially when some of these auditoria rival present-day outdoor theatres in terms of acoustic properties.

On the one hand, it’s difficult to imagine drawing such large crowds in times when there weren’t as many people as now. On the other hand, there were few other forms of entertainment, so most likely everyone went to every performance. Pictured is the Aspendos Theatre in Turkey. Link -Thanks, Andy!

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The one in Ostia is restored. Verona has an amphitheatre they're always performing operas in. Pompeii's amphitheatre and 2 theatres are still usable.

There are lots more on the list, too.
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there is something eerie about these ancient cities, especially if you visit them during low season. ive been to 5 of the theaters in the and that feeling of timelessness just doesnt get old. they hold an annual opera - ballet festival in aspendos which i think would be totally overwhelming if you are into that kinda stuff.
finally a shout out to my greek buddies: im in ur amphitheater taking advantage of your acoustics.
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@ CJ Casey

Wow that is amazing! I would love to see a favorite band at such a historic place. I can definitely see how it would add to the experience.
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It always amazed me how well designed these theaters were, as far as acoustics. In addition, some of them, like the roman Coloseum, actually had primitive elevators in them, to transport props and personel for the performances.
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