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Something as simple as his mother or father saying "I can't sleep" while the boy was an infant or not yet born could be keeping him awake.
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Psychiatry has always torutured and mistreated it's patients. Nowadyas they mistreat them by diagnosing dangerous pills that cause suicide, psychosis, nerve damage, diabetis, etc... Not to mention their use of ice picks to the brain and electric shock.

Psychiatry has never been a humane profession, and is in't these days either. In America you get locked up against your will without commiting a crime - they call it 'protective custody.' In Russia you disappear off the streets and get loaded up with drugs because you oppose the government or psychiatry.
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It's great seeing journalists go to prison, get their body parts cut off, or just get kidnapped for several years. It does my heart good to see the scourge of the earth get their just rewards.
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Psychiatry and ignorance are responsible for this type of thinking. Look up Eugenics, the foundation of the KKK and the influence psychiatry and psychiatrists had in its foundation. Psychiatry has been there fueling the fires of racism since it was born.

Psychiatrists used the genetics excuse to kill millions of people in WW II and their ignorance remains felt around the world.
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I spent about 1minute searching for links with words euthanasia and World War II. I came up with "life unworthy of living" A Nazi German phrase used to describe mentally challenged, alcoholoics, people with birth defects, etc. It was the justification of mass killings just prior to World War II. One of the people who coined the phrase was Karl Binding. A psychiatrist. You can google or go to wikipedia and check it out...
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Any search on the internet could have turned up info on this building. Are Neatorama writers so lame that they can't figure that out?
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