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Considering the world's money markets are all tied too closely with the US, and that under Bush's regime he's ran up the national debt, robbed from social security, his cronies placed in charge of the lending market and other oversight department sat back and let bad practices get out of control, many of them up to the top taking bribes and kick-backs to turn the other way, in what as a history footnote will be one of the worst presidents in history and possibly the one point people can turn to as the beginning of the end of the US, I think the US dollar DOES make the most sense.
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All those years of attending mass, it all makes so much more sense now lyrically, these words seem to fit better, heck, even their mouths appeared to be singing about all the sheep being dead.
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bean, the god she worships takes great pity the lengths the US goes to abuse His name in everything from the pResident on down, and clearly, you're in that goose-stepping minority. Jesus was a pacifist and would most certainly be a liberal, and of course "liberal" to the hard soulless, consciously, hypocritical right, is the new "communist."Which brings us to, if you take a step back, it's not about gods or oaths but really only about empowering the power elite and stripping the rights of the common person. It's evil hidden behind jingoism trumped as patriotism, the type of thing that would have some of the nation's forefathers spinning in their graves. I'm proud of people that stand up like this teacher, if not, we'll wind up like China, only minus the manufacturing sector.
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