"The Messiah" Movie: Jesus As Seen From an Islamic Perspective

Iranian filmmaker Nader Talebzadeh directed a movie that some consider as Iran's answer to Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ: a life of Jesus as seen through the Islamic eyes.

Lara Setrakian of ABC News interviewed the filmmaker:

LS: While production on this movie was happening, Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" came out. What did you learn from watching that film?

NT: We were almost finished filming when Mel Gibson started shooting. I saw the film, and it's the first time the Gospel of John has ever been depicted. It was nice. But it was the wrong story. In my film, I respect that common belief with all the good intentions the Christians have ... according to what Islam says. Yet, Jesus, at the night of the last supper, ascends to heaven [without being crucified]. A beautiful man, a beautiful prophet. Why should he be bloodied that way?


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this movie is soo wrong, islam is a false religion, one man brainwashed so many million people for nothing but his ego...who would follow a so called "prophet" that married 40 woman and the youngest was 6 years old...open your eyes people and realise the truth about islam!!!!!....no one has the right to kill another soul for the name of god.
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Why they have to make movie that disrespect others religion !
Bastards ... U guys not even born yet , so what the fcck u know about thos things ?
What u know about quran , is it real or just taken from bible .:D

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Allah itu Zat Yang Maha Segalanya, jadi bukan manusia.
Jadi jelas Allah tidak beranak dan tidak diperanakan !

Oleh karena itu tidak layak Allah mempunyai anak dari benih manusia dibumi karena semua manusia berdosa !

Maka ditegaskan: Tidak layak bagi Allah mempunyai anak, Maha Suci Dia. Apabila Dia telah menetapkan sesuatu, maka Dia hanya berkata kepadanya: "Jadilah", maka jadilah ia.

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