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Assuming for conversations sake that it is true, I wonder how the husband didn't accidentally see the wife's face after that many years of marriage. Seems like it would take quite an effort to pull that off.
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Wow - thirded, Shelton. I love how the US shape is so recognizable by the flight patterns. Its a wonder you can even see the sky between Atlanta and Florida with the air congestion.
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A woman on a message board I frequent got an ipod. Shuffle maybe? I know it was the smaller cheaper model. Anwho, it's more for fun - to see if you get something cool or a white elephant
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The art teacher at my highschool designed a tshirt for each graduation class with our senior pictures turned into small caricatures just like these.
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The hung over monkeys were the best! I also saw a documentary on Animal Planted or Discovery that showed monkeys that lived in a resort town somewhere that would go around the pool and beaches at the hotel and steal peoples cocktails while they weren't looking and get hammered. Good times.
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