Saudi Woman Divorcing Husband for Sneaking a Peek to Look at Her Face

Here's a nother strange news from Saudi Arabia: a woman wants a divorce, because her husband tried to look at her face after 30 years of marriage!

After 30 years of marriage, cynics might say most husbands and wives would have seen quite enough of each other, thank you very much. But not in the case of one Saudi Arabian man who managed to live with his wife for three decades without setting eyes on her face.

Not that he had much choice about it. His 50-year-old wife followed the tradition of her native village near the south-western city of Khamis Mushayt and kept her features veiled at all times.

Until one night last month, that is, when the husband was finally overcome by curiosity and tried to lift his wife's veil as she slept to take a look at her face. It was an error he is unlikely to be given a chance to repeat for his outraged wife woke up during his sneak peek and is now demanding a divorce.

Apparently that wasn't even the first case this ever happened: Link

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saudi women would never stop u fondling thier boobs or fingering thier pussies..if coming to hospital while seen by male doctors..but u will be husked away even if u attempt little to see thier faces...
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LOL. I'm a Muslim from Saudi Arabia. Women are even more seductive to their husbands here even more than elsewhere . There is NO Islamic rule WHATSOEVER that tells such a stupid. Even the most religious Muslims ever, are allowed "and do" take a nude bath with their spouses. Women are NOT objects in Islam, thus they don't go stripping around, however they are allowed AND required to satisfy their own and their husbands sexual desires in the best proper way BOTH of them agree on..

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Nonsense ! I 'm Saudi Girl . That's story is very odd even for Saudis .We have our traditions but covering face in front of your husband isnt one of them . Be fair guys when it concerns about Arabs especially Saudis.
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i'm with you, ted. ALL religions have some weird traditions... and among weird traditions are even weirder people taking those practices out of context and making new traditions "in the name of the lord" or whoever. this is why i'm against all religions-- none of them can be correct when so many of their devotees don't even follow their own doctrines. it's hypocritical and against the idea of religion in the first place.

@pol x: yes, but you don't live IN saudi arabia around the few women who practice these extreme views, and you will most likely never see them-- even in what you call the 'islamibad' of england. not only are these views so uncommonly practiced, they're not likely practiced in other countries that don't share them at all. just because you haven't seen anyone who fits this description among the other social muslims in england doesn't really allow you to cast it off as tosh, or nonsense. it's just like saying "i'm not a homophobe- i have gay friends."
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