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i tell you what, if real news shows had Kermit guest-star, I might actually watch them. But I doubt Kermit would lower himself to guest star on most real news programs!
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Happily, I have not seen any bad horror movies I can think of off the top of my head and only the one zombie movie (Shaun) - and it doesn't look like you need any more anyway. But I have to say that I love the sound of this one. Smart zombies calling repeatedly for tasty, tasty backup!
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Damn straight. They can't treat a passenger differently for having a free ticket. This isn't about him wasting money, it's about him having to ride in an unsafe, stinky airline bathroom, and about them changing the rules on him once he was in the air, and so much more. All they're doing by treating him differently is showing us how they would like to be treating all their passengers....
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*hi fives Ali S*
Congratulations you guys! You deserve it - you must work hard to keep this updated so often, and with your own commentary and no porn... not like other sites I see that are supposedly sharing cool things they find online!
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That is extremely awesome... although it looks much less cool during the day :) It must be harder for Jedis to inspire respect and/or fear in people in daytime.
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I'd like to see outcomes. How many of the patients who have functioning hypothalamuses have ever regained further brain function? How many of those "up to 20%"?
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hm, the credits seem very Python to me because you have to watch them to make sure you aren't missing any extra jokes! but then, my first real pythoning was the holy grail, which has an awful lot of credits humor.
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yes! real food is better than fake food! spread the word. They tried to do this on King of the Hill the other week, but man was it... weirdly pushy and unsatisfying. Except when Hank said "You're not making any sense. Tomatoes don't taste like anything!" and Peggy said "If this is what food tastes like, what have we been eating?!"
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