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So 1996, what the heck are you a 90210 reject?

And I wasn't making fun of them. THATS HOW THEY TALK. Your one of those people that doesn't know that your tiptoeing around things actually makes you look like a bigot.

Geez go fight for your over sensitive FCC decency crap somewhere else ya frickin loser.
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@ Theresa

I wasn't being hard on those types of people. I live around them and recognize that the mistake that was made is a common one in their everyday speech.

I don't know what kinda P.C. wonderland you live in but you need to grow up and get out of the house more.
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Neat idea but it would probably get really annoying to look at. You'd always be wanting the line to fall and a real nerd would hate seeing those mistakes.
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@Alex: "This doesn’t apply here because it’s not a forest fire where little fires are actually beneficial by depleting fuels.

The Southern California fires are fueled by chaparrals and grass, which dried like kindling after a long period of drought. Homeowners who live on hills are required by the Fire Department to clear cut their hills, though a lot of people don’t bother."

Ohh burn on me. Sorry I don't know all the rules and regulations about fires is California, I'll try harder to be more informed from now on. Thank you soooooo much my new intelligent friend Alex.

Okay maybe then this is what we get for overpopulating areas that don't have enough water. But I'm probably wrong about that too huh Alex?
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I'm sorry but that is just disgusting, everyone knows trench warfare was last widely used in WW1 not WW2..... Seriously though that has to be the most messed up way to get married, its one thing to get married in era costume to bring a feel of the romance of the time but its a whole other thing to re-create war scenes as part of your wedding.

Why not just have casulities on each side of the aisle way and mortars and machine gun fire in the distance while starving jews shamble around behind the alter. And for the ending we have a low-yield nuclear weapon go off overhead burning everyone's shadow into the ground(not to mention their retinas out!) YAY WORLD WAR TWO! I LOVE YOU HONEY!
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