String Ducky

The challenge was to explain string theory in two minutes or less. Sandy Chase of New York produced this video and won the contest at Discover Magazine. Link -via Metafilter

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i dont think they are moving beyond string theory (m-theory) but there is frustration because you can't test it yet, so some believe it is a waste of time. i think that a lot of it is based on it trying to be the "theory of everything"--think it scares some people
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I thought it was pretty good. We're talking bout trying to explain what's widely accepted as the most advanced and accurate model of Physical Science... and do it in 2 minutes.

I mean, come on. If you think it's not that hard, or if you think this particular video was done poorly, why
don't you give this little experiment a try:

Try to explain to a 45yr old man or woman how to play Madden 2007 football on the X-Box Console in 2 minutes. Maybe that will help put in to perspective for you the difficulty with which the above video must have been conceived.
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