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And "Butterfly Effect" ? I saw a canadian version where Ashton Kusher is killing himself in his mother's belly to prevent himself to change the past and a french final version where he's crossing the path of his loved one feigning to not knowing her to avoid her death.
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The plank is attached to the table. The pivot changes the whole plank initial vertical speed by increasing the speed of the free side.

The Galileo law works if the objects are free of any link because it would change the energy distribution.
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And than they have first been made in Genoa (Italy) and Nîmes (France) regarding the fabric.

Wikipedia :
"Denim is a rugged cotton twill textile, in which the weft passes under two (twi- "double") or more warp threads. This produces the familiar diagonal ribbing identifiable on the reverse of the fabric, which distinguishes denim from cotton duck. Denim has been in American usage since the late eighteenth century.[1] The word comes from the name of a sturdy fabric called serge, originally made in Nîmes, France, by the Andre family. Originally called serge de Nîmes, the name was soon shortened to denim.[2] Denim was traditionally colored blue with indigo dye to make blue "jeans," though "jean" then denoted a different, lighter cotton textile; the contemporary use of jean comes from the French word for Genoa, Italy (Gênes), where the first denim trousers were made."
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Why did he come back to the motorcycle instead of staying on the other side with the car ?

That seems stupid to come back on the tracks...
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