8 Fan (Or Hater) Made Alternate Endings

By now, alternate endings on movies are rarely shocking. After all, practically every DVD special feature area seems to have at least one, if not multiple story endings and they usually are at least a little predictable. That’s why it’s up to the fans, or enemies, of a particular picture to make their own alternate endings to really give us something to think about.

Yogi Bear

The best thing about this 3D animated ending is how amazingly perfect it looks. If I was hiring animators, the creator of this one would be up there on my list. It actually looks like it could be part of the movie, which is what throws you so hard when the loveable characters turn so dark so fast. In case you’re wondering, yes, the scene is from another movie, The Assassination of Jessie James. If you’re interested, you can watch the original scene here.

Video link

The Truman Show

Yes, Jim Carrey has been in two movies about the possible effects of our current media over-saturation. Never has that been more obvious than when you take scenes from The Cable Guy and cut them in to the ending of The Truman Show to make a much, much darker alternate ending.

Video link


I’ll admit it…I cried at the end of Wall-E, even tough I knew that as a Pixar movie they’d never let it end that depressingly. If this really was the ending, EVE wouldn’t be the only one blowing her brains out because she couldn’t deal with the pain.

Video link

The Departed

One of the biggest complaints about Scorsese movies is that they are all too long. He really could have changed his image if this were the real end of The Departed: a confession, a murder, a funeral –the end. Warning: There is one curse word in this video, so don’t watch at work without headphones. (Although really, why would you be watching all of these clips out loud at work anyway.)

Video link

Star Wars: A New Hope

If you don’t believe in The Force, then you just might believe in this alternate ending that shows what happens if you put blind faith in something that doesn’t deserve it. The movie would be a whole lot different if Luke’s beliefs let him down at any point, that’s for sure.

Video link


By mixing in footage from Outlander, these parody makers were able to show what happens when the occupying force decides to win their war at any cost. I just hope this didn’t destroy the unobtainium or else everyone will have lost.

Video link

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

What happens when you make racist comments to the wrong asylum inmate? You just might find yourself in a far too short movie that ends with a murder and a break out.

Video link

Forest Gump

Honestly, the way Jenny treated Forest throughout his entire life, she really shouldn’t have put herself in that situation with him. Just think how many interesting stories he would be able to tell after going to the big house.

Video link

Bonus: Pineapple Express

This one was released on the DVD and was made by the people involved with the movie, so it doesn’t quite count as a fan alt ending. If you’ve seen the movie though, then you know this was never actually intended to be a real ending for the film. Even so, it’s darn funny.

Video link There are plenty more of these on the web so I’m assuming you’ve all seen a funny one here or there. Share the links to your favorites in the comments and we’ll have the greatest parody alternate ending collection right her on Neatorama.

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Some movie endings that I find thought-provoking (along with the movie):

Human Nature / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55hnobrDtYk&feature=related
Revolver (alternate ending) / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNM1GhSQ8rY&feature=related
Samsara / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAHBPgZyGHU&feature=related
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