What’s the Language?

When you come across text you can't read, can you at least identify the language? Maybe sometimes? In today's Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss, you'll be given characters from languages not easily typed on your keyboard, and you match it to the language. It's not easy -I only got three right. Surely you can beat that! Link

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Having ancestry of two of the languages helps. To be pedantic though, Yiddish is written in Hebrew, but Hebrew isn't Yiddish. Japanese Kanji are somewhat simplified Chinese characters, (not to be confused with simplified Chinese, but I think Ai is written the same way in Chinese anyway. Kanji just means Han writing.)
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6 out of 10, but only because I study Japanese and can read/write korean (hangeul) and once looked at Thai, Arabic (Farsi) and Sanskrit, and can recognise Russian if I try.....language nerd, can`t help it XD though for a language nerd it`s kind of sad I didn`t know the other 4 :/
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10/10 here. Helps to know a couple of different alphabets and a little bit of the history of alphabets. I recognized the word for "love" in some of them :-).

Ukrainian is Cyrillic, with slight differences from Russian.

There are several ancient Egyptian scripts, but one is similar to ancient phoenician/hebrew.

Farsi uses arabic script. Only one candidate there.

Yiddish is germanic/slavic in hebrew characters

Japanese Kanji is similar to Chinese

Korean: Used to work in Flushing, Queens, where most of the store signs are in Korean.

Scandanavian Fehe is a variety of Runic. Fehe, like "alphabet", comes from the name of the first two runes.

I'm familiar with the appearance of Sanskit and Thai, so the last was just process of elimination.
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