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Here's what the Straight Dope had to say on the subject: cold water freezes faster than any kind of hot water, but really hot water freezes faster than somewhat hot water.
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Who's more excited? I'd say the guy who wants Americans indefinetly, know, the guy who was supposed to uphold the Constitution. But he's with Uhura, which means he's cool or something, right?
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I don't know any Americans who would consider a Danish a type of bread. Also, are biscuits just really another name for scone? We need a more complicated chart.
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Here's a version that has both hot dogs AND hamburgers!
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They should ban the ground. That's what hurts you when you fall. I'm serious. The ground kills and injures people all the time, and nobody does anything about it, not even in England.
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I think I can get into this. I like whiskey straight, but I can't drink as much as I want because of the alcohol content. This may be a solution: A whiskey cocktail using this as the mixer.
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