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Mexicant1: I lol'd! Nice.

I'll never forget, a girl in my 6th grade class did a science fair project on this topic, and without even hearing her out, our teacher publicly humiliated her by saying that it was impossible for hot water to freeze faster than cold, and that she was failing her project without discussion. Poor girl - I hope that nasty teacher sees this article!!
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I got to see the perfume case at the Titanic exhibit when it came through my town a few years ago. They had holes in the Lucite case so you could put your nose up to it & take a sniff - you could definitely still smell the perfume quite strongly after all those years underwater! It really was a moving and personal experience that somehow brought the entire tragedy home for me. Incredible!
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An interesting (although somewhat brief) article - made somewhat less interesting by a shortage of accompanying images! I sure would've loved to have seen those monkeys...
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I agree, this dog is clearly being held up by the collar with a string! At first I thought it was hilarious & adorable, but now that I see the string, it's just kind of appalling.
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This is amazing...but I often have to wonder, when I see incredibly detailed & painstaking artwork like this, "Why that particular subject?" I mean, it's done beautifully, but why did the artist choose to spend months reproducing an image of bathing the family dog?? I guess that's why it's art - the answer is surely "why not?" I suppose.
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My problem with these books & movies is simply that they're just not good. Whatever widespread appeal or controversy they may have stirred up, the fact remains that they are a poor excuse for writing & film making. Condescending and formulaic are two words that easily come to mind... The vampire genre as a whole is dumber for having endured them - and the same can be said about Twi-hards.
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Very cool - and maybe it's just me, but I think the phrase "power nipples" should be used far more often in everyday conversation...
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I worked in a tattoo shop once where one of the artists was obsessed with doing meat tats - she had T-bone steaks etc. all over her flash. She even had one design that was the Virgen de Guadalupe with platters of raw meat in her hands. Irreverently awesome.
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My question is, what's with the sexism? Male "ambulants" get their own urinal restroom, but females have to share?? Funny decision-making all around . . .
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