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Bar none, the most disgusting place I had ever worked.

In addition to the awful misogyny, there was the floors so disgusting and salad bar so recycled, wouldn't let my worst enemy eat there. Bon appetite, children!
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Long live the new flesh!

Seriously though, I always thougt that bio-computers were the inevitable replacement, due to the capacity to evolve and adapt more than solid-state circuitry.
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Solidarity often produces original thought at the cost of the undefinable disconnection with others. I personally had to make a decision as of how far I was willing to go for my writing, and it is true that I feel like a slave to it, more than the other way round.

Consider too that these creative types are self-admitted pioneers of the human experience by way of documentation. Adventuring into that dark cave can make anyone despondent over a long period, especially obsessive types, and those already predisposed to social conditions and depression. I don't believe it to be self-fulfilling prophesy for the most part however.
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I am allergic to aloe (all forms of it), and for years I had stomach troubles.

Come to find out that aloe, is in the same plant family as onions and garlic, and it is the onions that have caused my stomach troubles primarily. Garlic doesn't affect me that much, but then again most people only consume it as an herb.

For the curious: if I consume aloe, or touch it I break ou in fever blisters. It's so bad that if I touch a door or shake hands with someone using aloe, my hands break out. Not fun, but it is better than wearing gloves everywhere.
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