So You Want To Be Chuck E. Cheese

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Having a bad day? At least you're not the poor schmuck who's sitting with eyes glued to the screen watching the training video on how to become Chuck E. Cheese ... oh wait ... at least they get paid to watch the clip, what's your excuse?

CubicleBot has more employee training videos straight from the bowels of hell: Link

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I worked at CECheese, too. The food was fresh and the salad bar was never a health risk! We employees ate the salad all the time! All the products were in bowls on ice and we refilled the bowls from containers in the very cold fridge.

The pizza dough was made every morning early and we all ate the pizzas, too.

Don't assume that because YOU had lousy managers that all the franchises were run the same way. We had good managers and the place was clean and hygiene respected.

Of course, the costumes can get rank but that means that you and your fellow employees were not cleaning them and airing them after wearing them onto the floor.

And the cooks never were pulled out of the kitchen to dress up where I worked. The rest of us took turns. Cooks were too busy making the food to be taken out of the kitchen.
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I never worked at Chuck E Cheese (thank gawd) but when I worked at the waterpark in West Edmonton Mall I had to sign a document about proper conduct around mascots, which included not kicking them in the nuts.
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I worked at a Chuck E. Cheese too - right around when this video was produced. They never showed us any training videos, they'd just rope some poor pizza cook into wearing the costume. I wore the rat suit a number of times - it was hell. The kids tried to pull my gloves off, they went after the tail, they stomped on my feet. Wearing the purple suit was way better, the kids seemed kind of scared of that one.
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Bar none, the most disgusting place I had ever worked.

In addition to the awful misogyny, there was the floors so disgusting and salad bar so recycled, wouldn't let my worst enemy eat there. Bon appetite, children!
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In high school, I worked at United Skates of America (USA Skate), as a floor guard. Once a session, I got to be the Skatasaurus and go out and do the hokey pokey and chicken dance with the little kids.

Now... Skato had been the mascot since *I* was a little kid in the 70s, and the suit sure smelled like it was the same one they'd used when I was on the other side of that row of high-fives.
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