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In too many Asian countries, dogs are SKINNED ALIVE for their fur, which is then sold as "rabbit" or even faux fur. Remember last year when so many coats had to be pulled off the market for having dog fur labeled otherwise? Then they end up in markets like this. Imagine having your skin pulled off piece by piece while you're fully conscious and cognizant. Please don't publish any more photos of this nature. Even if you don't put the photo here, but put a link to it, you're still perpetuating this barbarism.
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Let's not forget the King's mother is British and his stepmother is American. So they have additional insight to what will play well in the Western world.

Not to mention that Queen Rania herself once worked at Apple. So that was probably an iPhone ringing.
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Miss Cellania:

Yes, but they wanted seven and couldn't come up with any more. So they just reiterated one twice.

Organized religion never ceases to amaze me. Especially this one...and I went to Catholic school.
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