The Sickest Photo You'll See Today ...

I betcha that - if they are what I think they are, then this is the grossest photo you'll see today. Heck, even if they're not what I think they are, it's still gross.

So gross that I'm not going to show it here on Neatorama, but you can click away to see it over at One Large Prawn: Link [SFW, maybe. You've been warned]

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There's a puncture mark on both of the animals in the same place (on the left of their neck). My guess is that is from when they were killed.

I find the claim that animals are skinned alive to be highly dubious. If I'm harvesting dog fur you can be sure that they'll be dead first. Is anyone saying that they do cats the same way? Have you ever tried to get a cat into a box? Imagine trying to pull their skin off. There's more than one way to skin a cat, but you can be sure that 99% of those ways are postmortem.
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@ avital
Your words serve as enmity to others labeled only by a difference of inherited traditions. You know nothing of this man in the picture so your righteous indignation over a bunch of assumptions holds no water.
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I'm hungry...

Sometimes these things happen out of euthanasia, and then the meat is "not to be wasted." And other times when people aren't even certain if they are going to have enough to eat tomorrow, or afford whatever that they crave, animal-right is out of the window. Just be happy that it's not your pet, or any of your body-parts, hanging there.

cheers. (now for dinner.)
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"The Sickest Photo You'll See Today ..."

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