The Sickest Photo You'll See Today ...

I betcha that - if they are what I think they are, then this is the grossest photo you'll see today. Heck, even if they're not what I think they are, it's still gross.

So gross that I'm not going to show it here on Neatorama, but you can click away to see it over at One Large Prawn: Link [SFW, maybe. You've been warned]

C'mon, little shrimp sauce and they're good to go.

Seriously though, can you imagine have to take that thing home and quartering it like a chicken? Horrifying.
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Yes, it's a flattened dog...or two of them rather. In a way that's no more gross than having a pig's head (which is not all that uncommon in the western world) on display at your delicatessen. I trust no one got surprised that they eat dogs in certain parts of Asia, right? Just like they eat guinea pigs in South America, or insects and grubs in Africa.
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Sure it's pretty nasty but I'm sure you'll find weirder stuff out there. What it could be? Well, two guesses. First guess is a giant rat flattened or a dog. I made these two guesses from the way the snout looks like.
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it said in the description it was a "Shar Pei" which according to google is a breed of dog from china. Here is a link to what they look like unflattened.
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Those "things" are, in fact, dogs. This pic, or one remarkably like it, has circulated before.


There really isn't much of a difference between eating a dog or a horse or a rabbit. (Expect, perhaps, flavour and texture.) It's really not very shocking or gross if you've ever eaten meat before.
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No more gross than eating cow, or pig, or chicken or fish. Just because you call it a "pet" here doesn't mean that someone else in another part of the world doesn't call it "dinner". Think how horrible we are to Hindu's eating a sacred animal for 99 cents from greasy fast food joints.
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It looks like the skin is puffed away from the flesh so that it will crisp nicely while the meat stays moist (cf: Peking Duck). Yum! Unless they're already cooked and then they look disgusting.
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I really didnt find the picture disgusting at all. Maybe because it just looks like meat at this point. If it looked more like the family pet it may be more disturbing. Also the round flat shape just makes the picture a bit confusing. I knew it was dog but aside from the snout, I could not recognize it as a dog
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The way a society treats its animals is pretty indicative of the way it treats its citizens.

In the West we stun animals before slaughter. In the East (you can find the video evidence on the net)- dogs are piled-up terrified in wire crates and then butchered in front of each other. There is a lot of violence and a lot of pain- and that can only debase a society.

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here we go again with the 'johnny foreigner treats animals badly' rubbish. a few questions:

1 - "In the East" - where is that exactly?

2 - "The way a society treats its animals is pretty indicative of the way it treats its citizens." - what's the difference between society and its citizens? and BTW, no it's not.

3 - "In the West we stun animals before slaughter" - after we force them to grow in cramped conditions, cut off their beaks, pump them full of growth hoemones etc etc. - have you visited any modern industrial animal processing plants lately? i have an audio recording of a pig slaughtering plant in canada if you're interested...

4 - "(you can find the video evidence on the net)" - i can probably find videos on the net of dwarves juggling bowling balls on stilts underwater dressed as wonderwoman if i look hard. surely proof that "in the west" we humiliate dwarves. is the tsunami of kitten videos on youtube proof that america loves kittens?

sorry. maybe i'm over-reacting - it's just that photos like these aren't just photos - you can tell a lot by the way they get disseminated and re-presented...

*gets of high-horse*
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I love dogs, but I don't think that's discusting at all. I wouldn't eat it though. Just doesn't look very tasty.

I think it's more American sentimentalism?
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In too many Asian countries, dogs are SKINNED ALIVE for their fur, which is then sold as "rabbit" or even faux fur. Remember last year when so many coats had to be pulled off the market for having dog fur labeled otherwise? Then they end up in markets like this. Imagine having your skin pulled off piece by piece while you're fully conscious and cognizant. Please don't publish any more photos of this nature. Even if you don't put the photo here, but put a link to it, you're still perpetuating this barbarism.
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I can't blame Asians for eating everything that moves, because they eat every part of it and waste nothing. Their culture is f*cking old (5k years) and they know a thing about making food. I mean, c'mon who here hates Chinese food? I would say no one (but of course some weirdo is going to reply and say they hate Chinese food).

Humans have canine teeth for a reason - to tear apart meat. Vegetarians confuse me, but more power to them. If you can eat tofu morning, noon and night, then I don't mind you taking out your frustrations by screaming murder.

Pigs are just as smart as dogs, yet we eat bacon, ham and pork chops. Hypocritical, I'd say.
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Unfortunately a google search does not bring up any videos of "dwarves juggling bowling balls on stilts underwater dressed as wonderwoman", so DreadfulBore is now discredited. Sorry, I guess I've been reading too many political articles lately! ha!

It does personify the animal if we see it flattened out with head, feet, etc still attached, so we do get a bit sqeemish, but is there anything wrong with eating animals? Whether you believe in God providing animals for nurrishment or survival of the fittest, I don't see how you can argue that you shouldn't eat animals. They're sooo tasty too....
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Er, you *are* aware that posting a link != endorsing animal slaughter? At least, I don't see the connection.

I second the armadillo impression, and it didn't seem especially gross to me. So sue me, I think cute little baby lambs are tasty.
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BTW, in Rome they eat intestines
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I feel like dogs, as a species domesticated as companions and helpers for humans, should not be subject to the grill, except under emergency situations (ie just before you start eating your neighbors). Same goes for cats, and perhaps ferrets.

Most everything else is fair game though. Bring on the horsemeat!
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I think they are dogs. I showed the pic to my pup, and she tucked her tail and ran!

Seriously, though, some of the crap that we 'westerners' eat is pretty disgusting, when you think about it.

Differant strokes, for differant folks, eh?
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Meat is meat is meat. Are people really going to discriminate because we eat pigs, cattle, and chicken and in other societies they eat dogs, cats, guinea pigs etc..? They are all animals. At least they aren't being hypocritical about their food... anthropomorphizing one type of animal, while deeming another as food worthy...
Also seeing some PETA video on the internet of animal torture does not mean that all dogs slaughtered for food are skinned alive.
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Every animal is or has been eaten at one time. Despite that, I really don't know exactly what this is. At first, it looked to me like a dog that is hanging inside some sort of pig skin. I remember when I was a little girl, there as an issue of National Geographic that my parents received.. it had pictures from a Chinese market and it showed all sorts of strange animals being eaten. I was forever scarred and didn't eat meat for a while.
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Saying that dogs aren't different than cows, chickenns etc. may be true, but those two poor things weren't treated as animals in the western meat industry are treated.
For heavens sake, they were'nt even slaughtered! The skin is complete, the skull is not broken. It's food, so I don't suppose they were poisoned (not to mention the cost of poison).
Those animals were tortured, probably skinned alive, and suffered unbearable pain before they died. As Marc said, that's exactly the difference between that meat and the meat we buy in the supermarket.
That picture really made me sad.
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I am very pro-animal rights but I understand different animals are viewed and treated differently in other parts of the world.
What shocked me what the fact that they were flattened. It looks like something that happens to Wyle E. Coyote every other's just not something I expected...
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Geez, Lemons.

Neatorama endorses the slaughter of animals every day with its "funny shapes made out of meat" posts.

It ain't no vegetarian site. Interesting how some folks like to shove their own opinions down other people's throats. Fine if you disagree with the slaughter of animals, but don't expect Neatorama to back off of this subject for fear of offending you.
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FYI, since people seem to be misunderstanding me: != is the INEQUATION symbol (like ?, which I typically don't take the time to look up). Yes, I *do* think that this does much more to raise "awareness" than it does to somehow promote animal slaughter. As I said, I don't think it's especially gross myself.
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I'm sorry, but I think it's absolutely disgusting that people eat dogs and cats.
Asians and whoever else are obviously always going to eat it though... but I sure as hell don't have to like it.

I was raised to view dogs and cats as PETS, not dinner so images as such are going to be digusting to me and to alot of others. It makes me laugh at the people who want to get all "holier-than-thou" and proclaim how dogs are no different than cows, pigs, etc.
Yeah sure... but most of us who find it disturbing haven't been raised to think of dogs as FOOD so please go set up your soapbox somewhere else to spew off your idoicy.
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Lisal, you realise what you just said makes no sense:

You have been brought up a certain way ... so everyone else must have been brought up the same way, or they're spewing idiocy or "holier-than-thou" rhetoric.

Painfully ironic, methinks.

Anyway, I barely even recognised them as dogs, and I really can't see any "gross" factor. It's way nicer than roadkill.
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Stop being so sad.
You have no idea how those animals were killed. Their throats could be slit, they could have been hanged, looking at the picture it's just speculation...and you are assuming that they died terribly because why? Some guy commented he saw a video where Asians were skinning dogs alive? Okay that is sucky and gross, and I am sure it happens- but how is that even practical? Think about all the work it would be to skin an animal alive every time you wanted dinner meat.
And "Western" meat slaughter is not humane. If you want to be a meat eater and maybe not such a hypocrite about how your food dies- try eating Halal or Shechita.
But please dont blindly jump on the bandwagon that in the "west" we are so kind to our dinner, and in "east" they brutalize it.
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I try to think the best of people, so I'm assuming you are just really naive.
I didn't assume they were killed that way because "some guy commented he saw a video". I assume that because it is a common, practical way of killing dogs (or other furry animals) with the highest profit possible. Looking at the corpses, and like it or not- remembering that we are talking about an eastern country, where those acts are common, it seems very likely.
And I never said the west is kind to animals. But it is still kinder, and forgive the oxymoron, but even more compassionate when it comes to slaughtering, at least in Kosher Shechita.
Closing your eyes, shutting your ears and accusing others of third-world patronism isn't going to change the sad facts about animal treatment in the east.
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I'm hungry...

Sometimes these things happen out of euthanasia, and then the meat is "not to be wasted." And other times when people aren't even certain if they are going to have enough to eat tomorrow, or afford whatever that they crave, animal-right is out of the window. Just be happy that it's not your pet, or any of your body-parts, hanging there.

cheers. (now for dinner.)
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@ avital
Your words serve as enmity to others labeled only by a difference of inherited traditions. You know nothing of this man in the picture so your righteous indignation over a bunch of assumptions holds no water.
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There's a puncture mark on both of the animals in the same place (on the left of their neck). My guess is that is from when they were killed.

I find the claim that animals are skinned alive to be highly dubious. If I'm harvesting dog fur you can be sure that they'll be dead first. Is anyone saying that they do cats the same way? Have you ever tried to get a cat into a box? Imagine trying to pull their skin off. There's more than one way to skin a cat, but you can be sure that 99% of those ways are postmortem.
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