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Today is the day I unsubscribe from neatorama. Most of your articles come from reddit, and the remainder have continually declined in quality over the last year or so. And if there are any left out of those two categories, it's links to your store to get me to buy things. So it's not worth it to clutter my rss feed any more.
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He has not lost his 7 Tour de France titles. The USADA does not have that jurisdiction, even if they want it. The UCI would be the body that could strip those titles.

You should be more careful with your sensationalist titles.
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I agree with Aaron Ingrao, this is in no way neat. If I want to see things like this I would hope Neatorama is the last place I can find it.

To see a man in such a state is truly sad.
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Seems like there should be some sterilization of dirt sent long distances.... to neighboring states, probably not, but there could be all sorts of stuff that my dirt would have that, say, Alaska's won't, and does NOT need....
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I give the guy credit: He thought his girl had the sense to get out of the way of a flying baseball. She didn't. She's an idiot for not. And he's human.
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