PSY AMA on Reddit

Gangnam Style originator PSY did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) at reddit today. Here are a couple of things we learned:

Oooh! See that video here.

That answers the question we explored here at Neatorama.

Right on. Read the entire AMA when you have time. Link

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I'm certainly sorry to hear that -anyone who can keep up with all of reddit that well should be working for us! I certainly didn't know all our stuff came from reddit (we cite our sources), and surfing the internet is all I do. reddit is pretty much a conglomeration of everything that is going on on the internet, and if you have the time to sort out the best for your own entertainment, I can understand why you don't need Neatorama (except that you'll be missing our exclusive articles -but they will show up on reddit sooner or later). For others who don't have as much time to surf, we present the best of what we find, wherever we find it. Personally, I reject 95% of the links I encounter, and try my best to present a steady diet of items that our readers will enjoy. But feedback always helps, because we want to be better at what we do.
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Today is the day I unsubscribe from neatorama. Most of your articles come from reddit, and the remainder have continually declined in quality over the last year or so. And if there are any left out of those two categories, it's links to your store to get me to buy things. So it's not worth it to clutter my rss feed any more.
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