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I will say this -- I work with frames nearly daily (I cut the lenses for glasses) and expensive name brand frames ARE better quality. Also note that I don't make money on them (ie, I get paid the same if it's a cheap frame or expensive frame I'm cutting lenses for).

So it may be that the same company makes them all, but, for example, a screw and the paint on a screw in a Ray Ban frame will be MUCH better than a screw in a ... "house brand" frame from Luxottica. The metal in the screw head on cheap frames feels softer, the paint is often over the screw (thus "sealing" the screw in -- a problem when I have to take the screw out to insert the lens).

So... while this may be true (and, well, obviously it is), more expensive "quality" name brand frames _typically are_ better quality.

Having said that, once the lens is in the frame it DOES make little difference, I suppose....
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And actually this is also incorrect: "by replacing their mascot, Colonel Reb..."

Ole Miss hasn't had an official mascot since the 2003 date you mention.

So in 2003 the mascot was no longer Col. Rebel, but Ole Miss was still known as the Rebels.
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HEET not a requirement... there are many other fuels that work with these stoves. There are also smaller and more efficient versions (one called the V8 stove, that uses V8 Cans). Pretty cool stuff. And they actually work! Well!

These can stoves are wildly popular among ultralight (and even just "light") hikers. The most common fuel is not HEET, but denatured alcohol (which is very similar to HEET, and more available.)

As for the insulation, it's not actually even required, the stove works great without it if you build it right. So then all you don't have "just sitting around their house" is a utility knife. And you're cutting cans, so pretty much any knife would work.
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