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Whenever I can afford it I stop to ask a homeless person if they have eaten yet. They always say they are hungry, so I buy them a meal. If asked for spare change, I offer to buy them what they need, a meal, cigarettes, or whatever they need that I can afford. I do not give them cash for fear that they will buy drugs or liquor. I do not like the idea of giving them cast off food, it is demeaning. Many people in Hawaii are homeless because of the high cost of housing here. Many of our homeless have jobs that do not pay enough to pay rent. I make less than $20,000 a year, so there, but for the grace of God, go I.
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Neatorama is the first blogsite I became addicted to......and I come here everyday because I can always find something that truly amuses me. I also like Nothing To Do With Arbroath and Haha.nu. I look for something that will give me a good laugh at the start of my day. I can usually find it at Neatorama. All of the other blogs I read will be visited after I come home from work. Thank you, Neatorama, for starting my day with a good laugh.
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in reference to the last paragraph......it seems to be a good solution if both parties agree. However, one should also be allowed to auction off one's husband.
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