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I'm in Denver two or three times a week, and drive past a hospital every time, but have never heard these! Or, maybe I have and assumed it was just a stereo...

Denver drivers suck ass, though, so I'm not surprised they needed to do something different.
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In what fucked up universe is it alright for a religious leader to have a 30,000 dollar watch, when he could be using that money to, I don't know... help the community? And wear a 10 dollar Swatchwatch. Come on now.
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I really like Safeway's bagels. They're "freshly baked," though since they're the same nationwide, I'm pretty sure it's the same dough. Delicious, though.
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Something about the sound of it is really unsettling and weird and unearthly, like the sound of an alien hovercraft shooting lasers in a 1940's science fiction movie.
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Good. From the sound of it, he was abusing the system. 24 complaints in 8 months?! You'd think he would have found a different company after, oh, eight complaints within as many months...
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