Photoshopped Image Of Russian Patriarchate

Apparently, the Russian Orthodox Church doesn't want the world to know that they're shot callers and big ballers, so they decided to manipulate the image above in order to remove the $30,000 watch from the Patriarchate's wrist.

Russian knowledge of Photoshop must not be up to snuff, because they forgot to remove the reflection of the watch from the table, so the controversy ensued.

When asked for an explanation, the watch's existence was denied and the Church vowed to look into this "technical mistake". The real mistake is that the Patriarchate is forced to greet the public without his pimp chalice and medallion chain!


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In what fucked up universe is it alright for a religious leader to have a 30,000 dollar watch, when he could be using that money to, I don't know... help the community? And wear a 10 dollar Swatchwatch. Come on now.
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Big ballers? Not sure what that means, but I know what it sounds like.

They may have removed the watch to improve the picture, for cosmetic purposes, and not to tone down the ostentation. Dude should still come clean and say, "It's none of your business what watch I wear". If he lied, then that's just wrong.
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"Russian journalist Vladimir Solovyev said the patriarch had told him recently that he owns a Breguet that was a gift, but that he never wears it, opting for an inexpensive Russian watch."

The truth has many sides - the juicy side just sells better.
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