Can You Complain Yourself Out of Frequent Flier Program?

The answer apparently is yes. That's what happened to Rabbi S. Binyomin Ginsberg, who got booted off the Northwest frequent flier program:

"It didn't make sense. Initially, when they contacted me on the phone I thought it was a prank call," Ginsberg said.
"When I pushed for a reason and clarification, they told me it was because I was complaining too much."

In July 2008, Northwest sent the rabbi a letter noting that he had made 24 complaints in the past eight months, including nine incidents of his bag arriving late at the luggage carousel, according to court papers.

"You have continually asked for compensation over and above our guidelines. We have awarded you $1,925.00 in travel credit vouchers, 78,500 WorldPerks bonus miles, a voucher extension for your son, and $491.00 in cash reimbursements," the letter states, according to court papers.

"Due to our past generosity, we must respectfully advise that we will no longer be awarding you compensation each time you contact us."


Image: Complaint Department Grenade Mug from the NeatoShop

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I for one am pleased that he will no longer be rewarded for his behavior. I'm tired of the squeaky wheel always getting the grease. I've worked in customer service and it makes me crazy when these bullies always get their way, yet the the good, patient, and kind customers have to accept "company policy".
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Damn, the anti-Jewish sentiment around here! Listen, the airlines treat consumers so badly there really is no excuse for it. It's not alway the weather, it's not always the TSA, it's the crap they are consistently allowed to get away with. This guy complained about 10% of the time. Unless consumers stick up for themselves and each other, service providers will have no reason to change. The airlines don't give shit to people who have legitimate complaints most of the time so I doubt this guy was getting free goodies for being a "kvetch."
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Paul234, there's a problem with your math. 24 complaints in 8 months, so let's say it's 36 complaints a year. So that's almost 1 out of 2. Even if it's only 24 complaints a year it's still about a third.

Clearly he is not a profitable customer so why would the airline want him?
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Paul234, you're really too far down the Paul food chain for your comment to count. On a good day, I might (keyword "might") listen to a Paul037 or perhaps even a Paul035, but really, anything except a Paul006 or less really doesn't count in my book. Sorry, better luck next time.
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