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Yes, it SEEMS the Catholic Church has much to blame for the condom fear in Africa but I would like to see someone call them out on this or find some well documented evidence of this. Links anyone?
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I think the photo and the media/fan's reaction tells a lot about the perception of sexuality in the US.

Wasn't it socially acceptable to find a 15 year old (or any aged woman) attractive about 100 years ago or less?

Doesn't Disney exploit her sexually, albeit in a less direct way?

Shouldn't she be able to express her sexuality?

I may be over generalizing but I get this overwhelming feeling that the majority of the backlash equates sexuality w/ sinfullness and adulthood to something we should be protecting our children from.
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“Pawn your stuff. TVs and VCRs can be replaced. Your pet can’t.”

I've replaced my pet many times - my dog dies and I get a new one.

Couldn't it be viewed as selfish? For who's benefit is the dog living for 3 extra months? The owner's? What if the pet is in pain?

...and does anyone else find it creepy that we've bread these dogs to love us so much? It's a tilted relationship to say the least.
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Good post? I personally don't think it's anything wrong w/ posting this.

But you would have to expect it ruffling some feathers due to the bad state the world is in b/c of religion right now. A lot of people are pissed at religion, and for good reasons - please, Neatorama, just don't start posting things like "Darwin's bedside confession" and "Proof of the Ark!"
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