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I picked this name back when I first got on the internet around 1998 or so. At the time I was big into Warhammer and played as the Skaven. There God was known as the Great Horned Rat or the Great Horned One (if I remember correctly). I have moved on to Warhammer 40K now, but kept the name; I kinda like it. The number has changed periodically though.
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I tried these with Tron 3D. It really didnt enhance it much and by the end of the movie I had forgotten I was in them. That was with the effects turned up as far as they would go. I kept hoping for a bit more from them. Overall if they dropped the price by half then Id say go for it.
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The Nintendo zapper has been done in papercraft. Check it out!


Very cool designs on that site. Wish they would have posted links.
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It is a reliquary for St. Strawman. You are seeing his thigh. Some debate the authenticity of the relic, but it is believed that when in possession of the piece you will burn brighter and quicker. Not sure why this would be good, but whatever.

Evolution of Gamers xl
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