Miss USA Contestants Debate Evolution

The Miss USA Beauty Pageant was held this past weekend (celebrating 60 years no less) and the big question everyone wanted to know wasn’t what these young ladies were going to wear in the swimsuit competition.  We were all sitting on the edge of our seats interested to know their thoughts on the question “Should evolution be taught in school?” See the full video at the link for the fascinating answers.


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Evolution has not been proven. Fruit fly experiments have demonstrated that there can only be variance within a species. The more deviation that occurs in the fruit fly experiments eventually leads to a sterile fruit fly. In some cases, the vaiance undues itself and the mutation goes away, reverting the fruit fly to what it was when it started. After 60 years of evolution experiments on fruit flies, in the end they are still just a fruit fly.
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Ryan, you’re not “talking turkey;” you’re talking gibberish. I am reminded of the “flight of ideas” one encounters in dealing with manic depressives and schizophrenics. No doubt, much of religion originated among schizophrenics.
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Wow. This thread has found its way to the dumpster. Are people even trying to debate the subject anymore? All I see is a huge epeen battle.

To the point... Everybody should look up Bobby Henderson's letter to the Kansas State Board of Education. In a somewhat humorous fashion, he gave a great reason why creationist stories should be left out of science class. Due to language in the 1st amendment of the U.S. Constitution, public schools may not favor any religion over another. Because every religion has a slightly different creation story/interpretation, creationism must be left out of science classes in public schools. It would be impossible to give each one equal time greater than zero.

People may "believe" in evolution as if it were a religion, but the theory of evolution is not the product of a recognized religious group. Therefore, by law, it may be given as much class time as the school is willing. Because of this and the fact that evolution is our best explanation as to where biodiversity comes from, it is the only viable topic for today’s biology lessons. Of course, creation stories don’t have to be “expelled” from schools altogether. Schools have mythology and theology classes that can accommodate them.

Oh yeah, don’t forget that evolution does not remove possibility of the existence of one or more Gods. Nor does it explain (a)biogenesis. This is only a debate because people get butthurt when something contradicts a fable in the Old Testament; the same fable that contradicts itself in the first few pages of... itself.

P.S. Miss Minnesota is the most attractive!
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Ted, You have ignored my points in order to question my character and my motives, which is called "Shooting the Messenger". Margaritae ante porcos.

In the same way Socrates was led to his death and Jesus was cruficied. Giordano Bruno was immolated when he dared to speak words of offense.

"In the beginning the patriot is a SCARCE man, feared, hated and scorn, but in time when his cause succeeds, the timid join him for then it costs NOTHING to be a patriot." - Mark Twain

You can't affect change while conforming to group norms. The group will destroy your opinion and bury it beneath a pile of egotistical ramblings. Generally they will not grasp the meaning because they are too busy comparing themselves and taking offense. It is only when the fact-undeniable, gains acceptance among a majority of intellectuals that the leity jumps on the bandwagon. That time is coming, and I know I won't reap any of the rewards. I don't want to say it is or isn't about ego, because, since egotism carries such an air of disapproval, to claim to not be an egotist would for all appearances mean not being an egotist. At least from the perspective of egotists. So it's quite futile.

At this point, I concede victory to you and the mob. That is what tickles our fancy, isn't it? Winning. Success. Pride. Belonging.

You know, New York City's crime and internal strife went way down after 9/11. Give the people an external threat that they can rally against and you unite the people. Because people want an "Us vs Them" battle. That is the only way to assure themselves of their own goodness. In time they will go back to fighting among themselves. I've tried to bring a message of peace to put an end to this, but the people didn't want it to end. Instead, they made an enemy out of me. But the seed has been planted and the harvest is near.

Anway, I said I'm going, and I will go. You can have your precious space where the lot of you can pat each others backs and talk about how good we are as our species destroys itself. Or argue about what kind of material a bust is sculpted from, maybe another million spins around the sun debating trivialities is what we need.

I'm out, you can find a way to contact me if you want what I can give you. Otherwise, good frikkin' luck!
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