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I love me some Neatorama, mainly because you guys bring the unexpected parts of life to the web, which is why I thought this was an Onion article. I can see this being interesting in 1965 maybe, but boys on the fringe of their social groups have been being bullied from time immemorial, and teenage boys have been wearing eye make-up to school in the United States since AT LEAST the days of KISS? Part of it is ABOUT attracting attention, the rest of it you can figure out by asking a sociologist or psychologist what makes teens tick? So I'm really pretty surprised this made the cut. Slow news day?

I did the same stuff in 1994, I wore eye makeup, leather pants, cut-off camo pants with fishnet hose, fingernail polish, dyed hair and combat boots around the capital city of Kentucky. I was told all the time to get out. It wasn't J-Rock it was NIN, KMFDM, etc. Where's the story here?

Did I fear for my life, no. I occasionally expected an ass-whoopin' but it never came.

A story about J-Rock would be more interesting but if that's the case you've just got the headline wrong.
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Every once in awhile I go to the apple site and "max out" a Pro just to see what the number is. I try and imagine what I'd buy if money was no object. Usually the resulting object is around $16,000. That's about the price of a decent car. You could buy a computer, or a car. This ultimately led me to thinking about which was more important to me? Both are kinda key to my livelihood as a technology worker.

It's funny to see somebody else doing the same thing. Thanks for the post.
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I too saw this live, although it was a little bit before that. Check-out McLeod Residence, they're doing a whole thing on interactivity, with butterflies made of paper and lightboxes covered in patterns of cloth.

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